The Learner Journey

A combination of classroom learning, e-learning and mentoring

Sharing knowledge and expertise about:

  • eMcREY and partner solutions and products
  • Financial services market context
  • New and emerging technologies
  • Specific role-related skills

A non-profit making initiative to solve our clients’ immediate problem

  • Fees to cover costs of course development and delivery

Harnessing global subject matter expertise and training best practices for the benefit of your business

Learning Stage

Desired Outcomes


Embrace need to learn/commit time

  • Personal learning objectives
  • iPad as gateway

Acquire Knowledge & Information

Pay attention/find relevance & value


  • Interesting facts
  • Thought-provoking questions and discussion
  • Video content
  • Written content in a variety of formats
  • Group-based exercises
  • Expert speaker presentations


  • Interactive tools to apply learning
  • Reinforcement of knowledge
  • Video content
  • Reading material including eBooks
  • Podcasts
  • Technical training

Practise/Transfer to Job

Reflect/commit to improvement

  • Shadowing
  • Training on test systems with eMcREY buddy
  • Familiarisation with products
  • User-generated content (e.g. project plan, waterfall diagram)


Gain confidence

  • Personalised mentoring

  • Personalised learner journey depending on career track


Validate progress

Formal testing

  • Multiple choice
  • Online module summary tests

Informal testing

  • Quizzes
  • Business games
  • Scenarios and role plays

Workplace testing

  • Observations

Job Aids

Ongoing engagement & development

  • Templates for business and process analysis

  • Checklists

  • Financial services dictionary

  • Access to eMcREY and partner products wiki (support documentation)

  • Tips / hints and fun facts


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